The power of touch

Just a few hours ago a dolphin let me touch her.

I say ‘let me’ because for the past six or seven dives with her, she has always been – skillfully and deliberately – just beyond arms reach. Even with a stretch and a lunge I never managed to touch her.

But today she decided to do a by-pass close enough to me to let my hand brush along her spine toward her tail. Perhaps six, seven, eight or more times… I can’t be sure.

Because after that first touch there were oodles of fly-by moments, ‘look-I’ve-snuck-up-behind-you-again’ moments plus a lovely, skill full swim 2ft above me as I idled along just above the kelp… all melting now into memories of a dive I will be giving thanks for for many years to come.

I’d be hard pressed to describe the physical sensation. Certainly water temperature… skin tough and strong, yet supple and soft… silky smooth apart from some dips and bumps from cuts and grazes (which were very distinctly felt)… yet with a slight feel of a film or scum of sort too – rather like what one feels from dried carrageen seaweed when it’s been put in hot water for a few minutes…

… but it was the internal sense of the touch that was most satisfying. I’ve been in this dolphin’s presence many times now, watching from the shore and being in the water with her. But with the touch came a new internal sensation, felt somewhere around the heart area. Perhaps an opening of chakras? Perhaps a parasympathetic shift in heart rate due to my brain waves slowing and moving into resonance with hers? Or maybe was the impact of that physical contact experienced more on the emotional level? Because there was something akin to of the heart-glow of love I’ve felt in the past when a friend has risked being present and helped me drop the masks to reveal my broken-ness, vulnerability and other not-too-appreciated aspects of myself.

I’m not sure.

All I am sure of is that…

… even though it was my hand that reached out…

… it was she who touched me.

Know someone who snores?

I am currently planning for a 4-month project that might help people reduce their Obstructive Sleep Apnoea symptoms.

“Reduce” because the method I intend to replicate in Sligo did not entirely eliminate their problems. But they did feel less tired during the day because of having slept better. Quality of life also improved for both them and their partners thanks to the reduced frequency, intensity and volume of snoring.

What will participants have to do?

Sorry, the details are still being worked out… but to give themselves the best chance of progress, participating snorers need to be prepared to commit 20-25mins per day to a specific activity for the four months duration.

Of course, if they want to do less per day (or not do it all) then that’s their choice. But the scientific, peer-reviewed study on which this project is based showed that an average of 25mins per day, 6 days a week made a big difference to:

  1. Daytime Sleepiness (Epworth Scale)
  2. Sleep quality (Pittsburgh Quality of Sleep Index
  3. Partner rating of sleep disturbance (visual analogue scale)
  4. Apnoea-Hypopnoea index
  5. Health related quality of life.

Is there a fee?

Yes there is – but it has yet to be fully established.

I will need to be paid for the materials needed, my time interviewing participants, their partners as well as teaching this self-help method to participants and monitoring their progress (perhaps once monthly). The Wine Street Wellness Centre (my hosts for this) will also need to be paid for the use of their large room during the project.

However, the final cost will be divided equally between participants – of whom I hope to work with between 15 and 20 people. So the cost should not be prohibitive.

As soon as I have more details clarified I will update you.

Interested? Know someone who might be?

Have them get in touch with me here, or through Facebook.

Basic Watsu

Short notice, but am trying to get a sense of how many might be interested in a Basic Watsu course on the weekend of June 29th – July 1st.

The cost will be €495 (just €10 up on last September’s). Max 4 participants.

If it goes ahead, the course would be held in Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim (25mins drive from Sligo). I can give pointers around accommodation and food. Might also be able to help out with transport if scheduling allows.

However… all of that is predicated on there being sufficient interest.  If we don’t get 4 people it won’t go ahead.

So if you are interested, drop me a line quickly through

Busy times…

… but then again it is Spring and Life is hopping!

This weekend hope to improve my music-facilitation skills by attending Rachel Dempsey’s Around The World in Just 8 Songs.voice workshop on Saturday. May also get to the second of Guillermo Rozenthuler’s weekend workshops on Sunday. After a hectic week, being surrounded by singing voices for two days is going to be bliss!

Decided this week that I’m happy to put my name to ASEA . Because 6 weeks of self and friends testing have yielded some great experiences for people – and a dog! So am promoting ASEA pre-EU-lauch presentations in Dublin, Rome, Belfast and Sligo.*

However, I think it will be athletes, with their ultra-responsive systems, who will be the first to see and make the most of what this product can do. Because they know their bodies abilities and limits so will more readily sense when something improves. Plus, of course, they know HOW to measure progress.

Others might be slower on the uptake. Including (unfortunately) natural therapists and wellness professionals. Can’t say I blame them given the amount of ‘miracles’ they’ve been promised (and not received) down the years. However, I do hope that sufficient numbers will overcome their scepticism and take a good look.

Because it seems as if redox signaling molecules are even more important to cells than things like anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, omegas etc.

Interested in ASEA? Drop me a line.

 * Contact me if interested in attending (or simply learning more about ASEA).


Lots going on these days.

Starting to use a lovely new Monolina monochord in my sound therapy work. Very pleased to hear yesterday about a deep, soothing and centering experience. Looking forward to doing more with it 🙂

Learning how to record and edit sound on the mac so myself and some friends can put out a nice trad album. Will also allow me put out my own music for healing / therapy work too.

Trialling a new supplement supposedly more significant than anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals etc. Didn’t quite believe it at first. But the Irish stories are starting to come in and I feel now that in a few years people will be talking about this just as much as they are talking about anti-oxidants now. Product launches in Europe in just two weeks so am paddling faster now on my surfboard trying to catch the wave. More info here.

Along with the above I will also be tipping away at…

  • getting my turbike up and running in a stationary-kind-of-way;
  • planning the development of a very exciting idea I’ve had about improving swim teaching using holistic approaches and a deeper understanding of how we humans tick;
  • developing to promote my therapy work
  • developing and as outlets for my skin creams
  • posting here when I have ideas, insights and news that might be of interest to people who think ‘naturally’
  • occasionally eating, drinking, sleeping – and having fun! 8)